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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am on Natalie Bird's CT!!

I found out that I made it on another CT!! This time it is for Natalie Bird Designs. She has some really fun kits! She used to own Designs In Digital, but resently sold that site and is starting up her own boutique. It is . Here is the first LO that I have done for her:

Credits: Natalie Bird Designs Open Arms Kit, and LO Design Idea comes from Jessica Sprague's U&R class.

I came across these pictures looking for a photo to use with the LO design for class, and just HAD to use them! I loved how this one turned out so much I had to share it!! This was the day my youngest learned how to crawl! She was 6 months and so ultra petite that she was still wearing 3 month clothes. But her size didn't stop her then and it doesn't stop her now! This was the day I learned how determined she is to get what she wants! Sheer determination runs in my little girl's veins!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Freebie, and Tag Update!

The lucky friends who have now been tagged are Veevs, Stacey(99), Heather(P.), and Jaime. (Two from the Spraground and two from everyday life that are very dear to me.) Ladies...scroll to the next post for the rules. To make it up to you Ladies, for those graduating from the newest class of U&R this week, and just for fun here is a template freebie that I put together(anyone can enjoy):

I do have to credit my mentor-Jessica Sprague for the idea behind this template with her Photoshop Friday (PSF) on Designing a Layout with Rings which can be found on her blog.

I hope all that wanted it got it has been moved. This was quite fun to put together, and I will be using it for a template challenge starting next Tuesday at the DesignsBySassy challenge forum. Feel free to go over and check out the other challenges going on there as well...I have a Theme challenge going on right now based on the phrase-"You are a part of Me". I haven't yet done my LO for this challenge, but I do have a picture in my head and it will involve my 90 (almost 91) year old grandmother. You can find the challenge thread (this was disabled sorry!).
I am working on a LO with my template as I type (multi-tasking) and will post it here when I finish.

Credits: Bkgrnd Paper and RibbonPapers-From Grateful4U Kit for CT members:Designers Tangie and Melissa Daniels Consecutively. PolkaDot Paper and Pink Mats-are from KPertiet ScrapPink Kit. Purple Star Paper-is from TaDaDesigns LDD Apprentice Submission and can be found on their blog. Jeweled Circle-is also from the Grateful4U Kit for CT members: Designer Beckie Kress. Flourish around accent photos-JessicaSprague U&R Week 4 Course Materials(You must take her class to get this flourish as far as I know. And the Vellum Circle I made. The fonts are: MASexy and the date is Century Gothic.

I thought it only fitting to do this LO about my little Analise. I came up with the idea for this while unintentionally napping on her bed! She was supposed to be the one napping...but wore me out instead! LOL! It felt good to get a nap in after...well...way to long without one! Thank goodness that Daddy was home to watch the other 3!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Uh Oh, I've Been Tagged!!

Thanks Heather (from Spraground)!

These are the rules: You must post the rules before you give your answers.You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don’t have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you’ve been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and need to read your blog for details.

My middle name is Dawn...I have just grown to really like it so I go by both! Here is mine:

D=Deeply Loyal and Loving...when I give my friendship it isn't halfway, I give it my heart and soul. And anyone that truly knows me, knows you don't want to mess with my family or friends...or you won't know what hit you!!
A=Always thinking up some new project to create, usually overwhelming myself with projects in the process! LOL!
W=Woman!!! Need I say more?!! There is a wealth of meaning in that one little word...but it covers things very nicely!
N=Never far away when someone is in need! I have been SO VERY BLESSED in my life, I only wish to return at least a portion of what the Lord has given me to my brothers and sisters here on earth! What better way is there to say THANK YOU then to be a helping tool in His Hands!

Thank you Heather for this experience, I was wondering what I could do to make this blog a bit more personal, while still protecting my family (see D!!).

I will post the lucky new tags tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

YAY!! Quick Pages!!

The Designer I am on the CT for asked us a few weeks ago if we wanted to make some Quick Pages with her kits for her to sell in her store...and I nervously said yes! She just put them up today!! I have done 2 of her kits so far and am working on a third...let me know what you think! You can find them HERE!! Sorry, they aren't freebies...but I had to share my excitement! This is what they look like:

Cold Chocolate QP's


Aging Hipster QP's

She also has asked us to make up an All About Me page for her to post on her isn't up yet, but here is the sneak peak:

April Dawn

Friday, March 14, 2008

Up & Running LO's

Here are the LO's I have made with Jessica Sprague's Up and Running class:

Credits: Week One Kit from JS's Class

I did recolor things, but basically (as this is a beginners class) we added the photo, Title and journaling, and the star on the top ribbon. Everything else was already there. I decided to take the beginner's class after taking her intermediate class, simply because I wanted to be sure that I hadn't missed something in the self teaching I had done before taking her intermediate class. I have learned a couple of new things, so it has indeed been worthwhile to me! Here is what we did for the Midweek LO Assignment:

Credits: Jessica Sprague's Quick Page from her Beautiful You Mini Kit, and JSprague_Stapled Hearts.

Again, I recolored to make it fit my photo better. And we were supposed to make the photo B&W, but I just couldn't make myself do that when this LO made the blue of their eye's pop so nicely! I also added the hearts in the corner for balance. Here was the LO we did for week 2:

Credits: Jessica Sprague's Week 2 Course Materials

Again, we were given all papers as one. We focused on adding Alpha letters to make a title, using shapes for bullets, learning how to use a brush, and cropping photos to a specific size. I, again, recolored to fit my photos better as the red was an orange, which made the train set stand out more than my son. Here is the MidWeek LO for week 2:

Credits: Amy Teets White Paper, and Katie Pertiet's Stamp Set we got today. I also used the ribbon, and the circular tags from Jessica's Home Away From Home Kit. I used Mia's Scribblings for the title, and journaling.

We had complete license on this one, just as long as we used the white paper and the stamp set. I came across these pictures from years ago, and couldn't resist doing a LO using them! My kids have the best there is in their family on both sides!! Wonderful sources of unconditional love, entertainment, and encouragement!

Edit: Heather, the LO isn't a freebie somewhere. I asked Jessica and she said it is only available to those that take her U&R class.

Neta, the Beautiful You Mini Kit was downloaded at one time on the Creating Keepsakes was a limited time download and is no longer available from them. Email Jessica and see what options you have if any. I got it by taking her U&R class.

Birthday Fun.

Here is the LO I just did about my recent birthday:

Credits: LivEDesigns_ElementalLove Add-On Kit

She is a really dear friend of mine from the Spraground (Jessica Sprague's Forum). She recently went for an Apprenticeship with, but much to my disbelief isn't moving on to the next round...had she moved on this is the kit she would have submitted. Amazing...huh?! This is Liv to us at the Spraground, she gives her designs from the heart on her blog, she gives help, advice, and friendship just as openly! And you should go check out her freebie kits at her blog: She is a real inspiration and support to me, a true friend.

Anyway, this LO was the fun I had this past birthday...burro rides, camel rides, train rides, panning for gold, and getting thrown in jail! I have already decided to make it a 4 pg spread instead of 2 since it really does look really busy and I would like to have room to add more...yes,, and some great embellishments. But for the blog this LO works. Click on the picture to see it in more detail. I hope all of your birthdays are as fun, and enjoyable as mine was this year!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Ever Kit...Watermelon Patch!

Well, here goes! This being my first attempt, I thought it best to be a freebie shared with all of my friends and family that like to visit here! This is what the kit looks like:I am still figuring out uploading to share it so, now that I have teased you...please be patient as I get it uploaded and ready for you! Oh, wait...I got it figured out you can download this freebie here...please leave me a link in the comments if you use my kit on one of your LO's, I would love to see them!

Here is my layout with my kit for week 3 of my U&R class with Jessica:

Laughter at...

Credits: KPertiet (altered background paper to use her flourish with my plaid paper, and altered her ribbon to use my bright pink sparkle paper), All of the rest is from the Watermelon Patch kit.

EDIT: CLICK ON THE WORD "HERE" next to the word freebie above to go to the download site! When you get there you need to wait for it to come up on their site. When it gets done loading there will be a spot under the box that says Download. I hope this helps those new to this that have had trouble...if not let me know!