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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fan Blinkies...Grab it here!!

I am so very thrilled to have found a tutorial that tells you how to animate things in PSE! I had previously thought this only possible in CS or greater versions of photoshop...but a fellow designer informed me that it was do-able, so I went looking and found some good directions here. So for those that might be interested in that tutorial, ENJOY, I sure did!

Now for the fan blinkie, that you can grab by clicking on the blinkie, if I did this correctly. It looks like this:

ADC Fan Blinkie

It was fun to create, and I can now add one more thing to my education in the digi-scrapping world. Stay tuned for a new look to the blog next month as I am working on that as well.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom on the 4th!!

It has been a little bit, and there is nothing new in my store. This is due to Real Life jumping in on us big time. We discovered a beehive in our attic, one that had apparently been there for several weeks. There turned out to be about 13 gallons of bees, honey, and honeycomb up there. So, we are just so very grateful that none of our children, or ourselves, were stung or attacked in the time they were here. We are so glad to "bee" free of them!!

I also wanted to do something to celebrate the fourth in the digi-scrapping, I have a coupon for my blog visitors! This will give you $4.00 off anything in my is a one time use, and you must get $4.00 worth of my items in order to use it. The coupon code is: adc4freedom. So, enjoy the fourth, and the HUGE blessing that freedom brings, and visit to find my store and use the coupon. This coupon is good through the 10th...just to be sure all can have the freedom to enjoy it!!