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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just thought I would pop in to let you all know that for this whole week everything in my store is 33% of in honor of my dear grandmother's 91st birthday this week!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! This is a woman who was widowed when she was pregnant with her fourth child, due to grandpa's heart condition. This is a woman who took her situation, and got the best of it.

She raised all 4 children to be wonderful members of their community. She taught school to put food on the table and because she enjoyed it. She had a garden every year, and journaled nearly every night. She weeded, and planted, and harvested, and canned. She sewed, and cooked, and cleaned, and taught. She continues to teach all of us about the importance of family and good friends, and being a good neighbor and friend yourself.

In all reality...she is the Rosebud in the Garden to me...only she has most definitely bloomed into the most wonderous and beautiful Rose one could ever behold! And that design of mine was inspired by her, her love to garden, and my love for her. She is in every sense of the word...GRANDMA!

I would just like to leave you with this quote from her, when asked how she has made it and what advice she would give the young ones, she said: "It doesn't matter what life throws your way, you just keep going. If you have to climb over just keep going. If you have to move just keep going. If you have to plow through it, you just keep going."

The words might be slightly is quoted from memory, but that is my Grandma and the strength she exudes and has through all 91 of her years and will continue to do as long as she..."just keeps going"! I LOVE YOU, GRANDMA!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Been a little bit...but I am back with more goodies!

Hi all, I have so much going on lately so I have been a little too silent here...but it is time for an update! There is so much that I don't know quite where to start. I guess with the new guest designer position!

That's right I am a guest designer for the month of July at Benevolent Boutique. This is a non-profit store, devoted to serving others. June's Charity has been the Make A Wish Foundation. So, all proceeds from the June items sold go there, and there is even a place to simply donate if you would like to. I am truly thrilled about this as it is a store that fits me, just wish I could do this always...I might have to work on that. There are so many that need help out there, I am always wishing I could do more. But it feels absolutely fabulous to be able to share my time and talents to help.

Now for the latest on my store in DigiScrapStation...I have a new kit up, and I think it is my best yet! Rosebud comes as a kit, or can be bought as a paper pack, an element pack, or an alpha.

DigiScrapStation just started up a store blog this week, and it is looking fabulous! You can check it out here. And be sure that you do...because I felt that it had been far to long without a freebie for my friends! So, Friday's Freebie is from me, and goes fabulously with my new Rosebud Garden Kit!! Check this out:

I am so thrilled! I truly hope that you enjoy this! You can find it on the store blog, just click on the awesome train download button at the bottom of my post there and this beauty is yours!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!! All Around!

As I have posted previously this weekend is my DS, L.J.'s 8th birthday. And in celebration of this fact, I am including in my store a mini kit, inspired by one of his most favorite things/people

It has 8 papers and 8 elements, and just for fun we threw in 4 buttons. This is also my eighth item in the store, following my new alpha...also inspired by my DS!

And which is included free, WITH the purchase of the kit for a limited time-offer expires June 30th. Just buy the kit the link for the alpha is already included. Click on the previews and it will take you to where they are in the store. And starting tomorrow both of these will be on sale, along with the gift card holder set, for 20% off. This will last through midnight on Monday the 9th.

Now with birthday's in favorite online place to be, The SPRAGROUND, is having it's one year birthday today!! And in honor of its fabulous birthday, party going on right now, and the FABULOUS teacher that Jessica has been for me and so many others and continues to be daily, I am offering the sample I made of my Teacher Appreciation Gift Card Holder FREE!! You can see an example of it below...labeled sample in the preview, only the freebie doesn't have the message for the Teacher...that is yours to add! Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge so generously with anyone wanting to know how to use Photoshop to scrap their most treasured memories! You can snag it here!