Creating Cherished Memories and Capturing them Creatively.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress...What do you think?

So, I am sure that you see the changes I have been making...what do you think about the new look?? It is done using a collab kit--Forever Bliss by Lizard Dau Designs and April Dawn Creations (Me)! You can grab it in my store at Kjoi...and soon in my store at DSS. I must warn you...the tabs don't work as of yet. Like I said I have a LOT of ideas and it will take a bit to implement them, but hang on as the ride has only just begun!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Under Construction!! YAY!

I have decided it is LONG past time for me to truly customize this blog! So, hang on as it will be a really interesting ride to the end of this truly FUN endeavor! I look forward to seeing what the changes will bring! I have a TON of great ideas and can't wait to put them into action! There are many surprises coming, so hang in there while I get them up and going. In the meantime I will post as I can about the amazing things I am adding to my stores at DigiScrapStation and KjoiStudios! Oh and did I mention that I am saving up for attending the CK Digital Scrapbooking Experience in Provo this year??!! So many exciting little time. I guess the true adventure is seeing how far I can get and how fast I can get there...LOL!