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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SUB for Santa Tradition...and Internet "FUN"!

Shortened Sub for Santa Story:

When I was about 7 yrs old, my family was blessed when another family did the 12 days before Christmas for my family. We enjoyed this so much that we decided to use our talents to raise the money to do this for other families. My mom made homemade ornaments and we sold them door to door to raise enough money.

Then my little sister died in early Dec. one year, and we were unable to do it. However,others who knew of our own need did a Sub for Santa for us. We were each given a gift for under our tree, a blanket, and the food for our Christmas meal. This touched my family so much that we went out the next year and sold enough to do both a 12 days and a Sub for Santa project. This tradition continued until we all left home.

I am now hoping to restart this tradition with my own children. My oldest suggested I use my talents the way my mom used hers. In my case this means digi. I am hosting a Ten Weeks of Christmas Challenge at KjoiStudios. After the freebies for the week have been available for 2 weeks to those participating in the challenge, they will be available for sell at $1-$2 depending on the size of that week's freebie. There are already 2 weeks worth to sell in the store…Calendars and Gift Lists.

I am donating every single penny of my proceeds from these items to the Sub for Santa project. It will go to a family connected with New Beginnings for Women and Children. An organization that helps women get the jobs, education, and housing they need to get back on their feet again so they are able to care for their children like they want to. If I get enough I will do multiple families…there are 80 in need just with this charity organization alone. Thanks for any help you send me with helping these families and keeping my family tradition alive!!


I have been having internet trouble, and have been unable to post on my blogs...the 10 Weeks before Christmas challenge is still going...I would LOVE to have you join me!! I am unable to post previews as it takes more time than my internet connection allows right now.