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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sale Time!! Just because I LOVE you!!

Okay I put all of my previously displayed items at DSS on sale 50% off yesterday for 2 weeks! I figure it has been quite a while since I had a sale, and I am feeling in a generous sale time it is!

Also, I have a new item offered in my store! LO services are now offered through the store. I am REALLY looking forward to offering this! You can find it in my store by clicking on the preview image.

I have a LOT of fun doing LO's and this gives me an opportunity to mix my designing with my scrapping! If there is a desire to increase this aspect to card services...especially with Christmas around the corner...then email me at and I can see about adding a card service as well!

And for more good has their store back up on a newer LARGER server, so the Design contest is back in full swing. There are 4 weeks worth of freebies up, and voting can be done on their forum for week 3 and week 4 through October 5th! Don't forget to comment on your favorites in their gallery either as those count toward their scores!

And for those of you from the Spraground waiting for the calendar tutorial...stay close by as that is on my plate for the next day or two. (Depending on what my children will allow me to do while on their school break! LOL!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good news and Bad news!

I always start with the bad news when I have both. I find that way you leave on a happy note, and the other person knows after getting the bad news that things can only get better! Anyway, the Bad news is that Kjoistudios grew so fast that the bandwidth usage was more than their servers could hold. So, the contest is on temporary hold, and their site is TEMPORARILY down...although last I looked the blog was still working. All of my things for the rest of the contest are turned in, so I am simply on hold waiting for it to get back up to find out how I did.

The Good news is I have a little time on my hands I didn't think I would yet! Which is fabulous when it happens to be your anniversary!! YAY!! It has been nine fantastic years with my wonderful honey! I can honestly say that I happier with that decision than I am with any other I have made in my life! He truly makes me happy. We met and married in 6 months time...but it is obvious to those who know us that it was right for us! LOL!

Now the other good news is that I have finally after a 2 month break got something new in my store!! The irony is that it is a mini kit with a baby theme...LOL!

This IS NOT an announcement...but since our first child was somewhat of a honeymoon baby, it fits! LOL! Also, my dear sister is due anyday now with her you could say that is the reason that it was on my mind! So, here is a glimpse of it.

Here is the mini kit.

And here is a matching alpha!

You can purchase them in my store at DigiScrapStation! I would LOVE to see your LO's when you finish them...feel free to leave me a link to them in the comments!