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Friday, April 18, 2008

DID class and Templates!!

This was the LO that started the ride. I copied Jessica completely, except for the title, journaling, and of course, my own pictures. These were taken a few years back when I was playing with taking more professional looking photos from home.

Credits: This was done using course materials from Jessica Spragues DID class, some were donated by designers at DesignerDigital. The Fonts are One Fell Swoop and Texas Hero, both can be found at

Our second assignment for the first week was to take what we had learned and put it to use in a second LO. About this time my kids decided that the computer was taking up too much of Mommy and that they were going to get my attention (or that is how I took it)!! And to remember the lesson, I turned it into a LO!

Credits: I made the spice paper from a photo I took of the mess, and the brown "vellum" journaling block. I used an overlay from Trish Jones for the grungy edges, and the other 2 papers-background and strip, are from a Grateful4U Kit that was given as CT Appreciation Week.

This was Week 2's LO!! WOW!! We learned how to make our own patterned papers, our own brushes, customize stitching, and a whole slue of other completely amazing things!! Have I said how VERY HIGHLY I recommend HER classes?? If not...HINT HINT HINT!! LOL! I came across these photos, searching for Then and Now photos, and have decided I need to make this a traditional LO for all of my kids when they are turning 8!!
Credits: Materials from Jessica Sprague's DID class, some made during class, and some from designers at DesignerDigitals.

OK, now has it been fabulous so far or what!! Now, on top of that we were challenged during one of the midweek activities to design some templates using some smaller ones she had designed as a jump off point! I have 3 that I have made so far jumping off from hers, and one that is completely me (except for one shape I lifted off of an item in Natalie Bird's Kit I used for my LO that I made the template from). I am SO excited to share these with you, so here they are:

This last one has a LO it was designed from I was so excited with how it turned out that I had to share!! This is of my oldest when he was only 8 days old!!

Credits: I did this using the Little Boy Blue Kit from Natalie Bird Designs! The title font is Night Sky, which I found through google. I had so much fun with this!!

If you like the templates you have seen...then you will love knowing that I am going to share them with all of you!! You can download them here.

WOW...Have I been busy!!

Sorry to not have posted for almost a month, but I have some goodies for you! But that is getting ahead of myself. I have looked over the latest posts on here, and realized that you are missing out on a LOT of what I have done, both the last part of Jessica Sprague's U&R class, and the one that has kept me hopping this month "Digi: In Deep". I will be calling it DID for short. I also haven't put the CT Layouts for April or the challenges I have been hosting. So...Here goes:

This is the LO that put my posting on hold. It turned out to be a much more deeply emotional thing then I expected. It is too personal to fully share here, but the short version is: My oldest brother went missing for 7 years, he was of course found at that point, and this LO is about seeing him again! I am now working on an album for him based on the years he missed out on.

Credits: This was put together using the Kind Outdoors Kit from Designs By Sassy, and a Template we got for our U&R class designed by Jen Caputo.

This is the final lesson LO we did with our U&R class. Jessica Sprague is the best teacher of Digi Scrapping I know of! I HIGHLY recommend her classes, her Photoshop Friday Tutorials on her blog, and visiting the general forum at her site. This LO was taken at my Grandma's 90th this past summer, while we were all cleaning...

Credits: Most of the supplies were class materials, but I did use 4 papers, the ribbon and the buttons all from the Kind Outdoors Kit from Designs By Sassy.

Speaking of my Grandma's 90th, here is a LO I did on a part of the activities. It was so FUN to see so many cousins, aunts, and uncles there. And to see how the family was continuing to grow! It was fun to watch all of the Great-grandchildren sing to her.

Credits: This was put together using a Collaboration Kit that included Designs By Sassy, called "Sassy Summer, Dude" and can be found at her site.

Here is another LO I just did for the Designs By Sassy CT. This one was taken back in 2006, "Grandma" is a librarian and has been one at schools for years. It is always so wonderful to see the kids sit and listen to her read, especially knowing how much she loves to read to them!!

Credits: Autumn Days Kit from Designs By Sassy, as well as a Template from her first Template Set of 3 she has on her site. The Title I did myself.

One of the Challenges at the General Forum on was a blending challenge. We were also challenged at one point to take a picture of something we REALLY wanted to remember and scrap about it. This is the LO I did for both. They are both in my front yard and tell stories of their own. Here are the stories:

Credits: I did this using the Open Arms Kit from Natalie Bird Designs. I did add the stamp background and vellum of my own creations. I am really enjoying Natalie Bird's Kits...check them out!

OK...sigh of relief...this gets you caught up to the start of DID class!! Now hang on to your hats, and take a seat, because that class has been a HUGE ride!! I will do them in a second post!!