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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Updates, and Birthdays!!

Wow, it is amazing how time flies! My poor neglected blog...oops!...anyway it isn't neglected now!! I have been busy playing with the construction again. Check out the TOU tab and the About Me tab...they are updated! I still need to add the general information on the About Me page...but it is started and ready for me to finish. I am hoping to finish up some of the other tabs this next week as time allows...we will see as the kids are on summer break.

And speaking of time flying, this hit me hard the other day as I realized how close my son's birthday was. They grow so quickly. The changes are subtle from day to day, but when you look over a period of years they are incredibly and drastic!

Here is a LO that I made around his birthday last year!

Do you find the same happens with your scrapbooking? Are you one that tends to redo old layouts because they just don't fit your style or scrapbooking knowledge anymore? If so, my opinion is that you should let it be. I am like you on truly does bother me, but a good friend pointed out the other day that this is a journal of your knowledge and how you have learned and grown.

If you change this, you lose that record of you, and as scrappers we are the person most often left out of our scrapbooks. Let's see what we can do to leave a record for our children, grandchildren, and other family that might really treasure it. It is amazing how much they see in us that we just don't see in ourselves!

Now, back to my son's birthday...with his birthday, I am having a "My baby is turning 9!" sale!! There are 9 items in my shop at, that are only $1...these items are at least 50% off or MUCH more!! Oh, and the Fighting Fire kit that I made for his birthday is FREE...but all of this is ONLY for today!! So, come grab these items if you are interested!!