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Friday, October 2, 2009

Life's Brick Walls and Scrapping past them.

Okay, I know it has been a little while since my last post. I happened to hit one of life's brick walls, and had to take a few months figuring out how to work around/over it. Of course the funnest answer to this is to just scrap and design my way past it...unfortunately I hit the scrappers form of "writer's block" at the same time. But I am glad to say that the brick wall seems to have shrunk to a climbable height, and I am making my way over this one now!

I have a lot of good friends and family to thank for their help with this, and as always the LORD for his mighty hand having the place it does in my life!

Anyway, while I haven't been at Kjoistudios has gone on! You should see the past few collab kits that the fabulous designers there have put together, they always do such a fantastic job putting them together! And our CT has been hard at work putting out some truly FABULOUS should see them in the gallery! Oh, and we have added a weekly hybrid project to our newsletter...with our COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS themes each month from now until then! Check out these ones I added to my shop this past month when we focused on ornaments:

Oh, and I added a 2010 Calendar Grungy Brush set to my shop, for those of you working on the family calendars already:

Can you believe we only have 11 Fridays after today until Christmas!!?? It is hard to believe it comes so fast! And speaking of holidays...what does your family do for Halloween that doesn't involve SUGAR?! One of my sons has an issue with sugar and after last years fiasco with trick or treating...we have decided to do a homemade Halloween party, and see if we can find a fun way to dress up sugar free items. We already have decided we can have "dirt" know where you take sugar-free chocolate pudding, find some sugar-free oreo type cookies and crush them up over the top of the pudding, then add a gummy worm coming out of them...but I want some more fun things to make and do with them, as it will be a long night of them wondering why they can't go trick or treating! Any ideas you want to share?? I would be most grateful!!

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